Dear Santa...

A few things I'm asking Santa for this year.
...hint hint ;)

Are You My Mother?

I think Lucy just hit the stage where she really recognizes me as her mother. I literally can't stop laughing to myself as she follows me around the house jabbering "Mamamamama". Isn't it true that it's the simplest things in life that bring so much happiness?

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Be Kind

When we were filming at The Beverly Hills Hotel, we were grabbing our vendor dinner up in a random room when the sweetest guy who worked there came in asking, "Are you Lucy Grace's Mom!?" I was a little caught off guard and answered "...Yes?" He gave me a big hug and said "I just had to come find you and give you a hug, that Lucy Grace smiled at me and made me so happy..." and he went on and on about her! I mean, I think she's pretty special because she's my daughter, but for a complete stranger to go out of his way to come say those kind things about her made me almost cry! The fact that he simply bumped into my Mom and Lucy in the lobby, then made it his mission to find me and thank me for my child's smile was unbelievable. He was so genuine and getting emotional telling me about her. It goes to show that kindness, even just a simple little smile, goes a long way. I'm sure days will pass and he might forget Lucy's kindness to him, but I'll never forget that man's kindness to me.

May we all remember to be a little kinder today.

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The Beverly Hills

Filming at The Beverly Hills Hotel was such a treat. It was packed of all sorts of cool history -- Did you know that Lucille Ball stayed there frequently!? I was raised watching 'I Love Lucy', so I thought that was pretty rad. My Mom babysat Lucy (No we did not name her after Lucille Ball if you're wondering now, ha!) while we did our business. This was honestly such a fun wedding, the whole family's personality bursts at the seams! We've done a few of their weddings now, and they never disappoint. I'm so happy that Brad and I have figured out how to successfully "work with your spouse" I genuinely enjoy being his wingman at these things. We laugh our heads off together. It's bittersweet, but I think this was our last business trip packing Lucy along -- It sure has been fun little girl... Consider coming along again when you can babysit yourself, sit on the potty, and sleep through the night... ;)



My heart is filled with gratitude today.
Happy Thanksgiving!


I lovvvvved getting to know so many of you on Saturday night -- the response was overwhelming and I need to say THANK YOU! The whole thing seriously felt like a dream. Hive aka '#thebuzziscoming' is so rad & I am so excited to invite all of you to be apart of the buzz

If you go to the site from a different device, my invite code is 'haileydevine'. 
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Nothing Feels Cooler...

Nothing feels cooler than filming with actual FILM! Many of you know that I collect vintage cameras, and they sat on my shelves as decoration because I had no idea how to get my hands on some film...  I cannot thank Acme Camera Co. enough for helping me fulfill this dream! I totally cried when I got the film back, it is absolutely priceless. Everything you see is completely raw, except for the logo at the end. ;)


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