Join us, in Fiji!

We are so excited for this opportunity to travel and serve the people of Fiji with YOU. We believe the best way to get to know a country is to serve the people. This is going to be such an unforgettable experience, with it being our first time to Fiji AND traveling with our readers. You can only imagine how crazy the video highlight will be, and we hope to see you in it! So let’s grab our backpacks and cameras (of course), and get ready to do some service in the beautiful country of Fiji!


(Space is limited!)

Chasing Waterfalls

|| Glasses: || Watch: Arvo || Jacket: REI ||

It was four days into our trip when I realized my watch was still set on Utah time! Ha! Goes to show how much I check the time on my wrist... Anyway, about halfway through our trip I got hit with some major anxiety. (Anyone else suffer with anxiety postpartum?) We decided to leave Lucy home with my sisters, because we were spending so much time in the car in Norway. I thought it would be mean to have her strapped in a car seat for 4+ hours every day! But my goodness, it was harder to be away from her than I thought. I had thoughts like "What if she is not a baby anymore, by the time I get back?" It was weird because I'm usually a pretty tough nugget. We facetimed her (She couldn't have been happier, are you sure you want us to come home!?) took lots of deep breaths, and chased lots of waterfalls to calm my anxiety. How do you calm your nerves and anxiety?

PS -- For those who asked, I got my red jacket at REI.

Oslo, Norway: Vigeland Park

^^ How Brad is going to feel these next ten years... "Get these kids off of me!" Hahah ^^

I remember coming to this "naked park" as a little girl, and running around giggling with my cousins. It felt great to come back in my older years (Not that I've matured much), and pinch some statue butts with Brad. Ha!

Road Trip Itinerary: Norway 2015

 || Camera: Canon || Lens: Tilt Shift || Camera Bag: Ona Bags || Jacket: REI ||

DAY 1: 
Fly into Oslo and drive straight to Notodden. Expect traffic if you fly in after 3pm. We enjoyed staying at this quaint Airbnb. Visit Heddal Stave Church (it's just down the street.) DAY 2: Drive through Telemark (Great photo opportunity in the countryside) and on to Stavanger. Visit the Stavanger harbor and cute back streets. DAY 3: Take the ferry to the Preikestolen Hike (You will need most of the day) and go see Sverd i fjell. Sleep in Stavanger. DAY 4: Drive to Kinsarvik, and stop at the Langfoss, Latefoss waterfalls along the way. I would highly recommend staying at the Ullensvang Hotel. Bring your swimsuit and plan on eating at the buffet for dinner and breakfast the next morning. It is fabulous! DAY 5: Drive to Bergen (HWY 7) stopping at Steinsdalsfossen. Visit Gamle Bergen on your way into town. DAY 6: Spend day in Bergen. If it's a clear day take the Floibanen to the top lookout! DAY 7: Drive to Balestrand (E16) stopping at Tivvesfossen. Visit Stave Church. Stay in Balestrand cabin Airbnb. (The one we stayed at isn't listed anymore, but there are plenty of others you can find on Airbnb!) DAY 8: Drive to Briksdal Glacier and hike to the top. Drive to Mundal and stay at Fjaerland Fjordstue Hotel. Breakfast there is awesome, too. DAY 9: Drive to Eidfjord & see Voringfossen. Stay in town (We stayed at the Quality Inn). DAY 10: Drive to Oslo, (long day on the road: Pick up some lefse, chocolate, and strawberries for the ride!) and visit Vigeland Park in the evening. DAY 11: Spend the day in Oslo. Visit the viking museum and the folkemuseum. (The Folkemuseum is a MUST.) Walk the harbor and get a sofis ice cream. Fly Home at night.

How I Shop Safely Online

 || Shoes: Forever 21 ||

After having some weird stuff happen to me online, I've been trying to protect myself and my family better. I haven't had my identity or bank account stolen (thank heavens), But I had the thought, "Why wait for something sketchy to happen, to get a better head on my shoulders?" I've been doing some research, and here are some tips I'm now following when shopping online:

1) NEVER USE A DEBIT CARD ONLINE: The easiest way to prevent your personal bank account from being raided is to simply not use your debit card online. Also, do not provide your bank account information anywhere on the Web. That means don’t connect your debit card number to financial tools, PayPal, and especially shopping transactions. A simple fix is to use your credit card, it has better protection if something were to happen!

2) CREATE PASSWORDS THAT HACKERS HATE: Avoid creating passwords that use your personal information. This includes your pet’s name, family members, the high school you went to. The best and easiest way to create a secure password is to take four random words and put them together as your password. For example: SnacksBoogersSuitcaseDiapers - Those things are VERY easy for me to remember. Ha! And ridiculously hard for a hacker to guess.

3) PROTECT YOUR PHONE IN PUBLIC: Hackers like to setup Wi-Fi connections with generic names near public spaces.. (Freaky, I know.) So it's good to avoid automatically connecting when you're out of the house. Also, only use your smartphone banking or payment transactions at home. If you absolutely must use it in public, be sure to use your bank's app.  

4) DOUBLE CHECK THE URL: I use TrustaFact (it's quick & free) to double-check websites that I'm shopping on. It helps you determine how trustworthy any website is with your money and personal information, in 30 seconds! It's super easy.

Road Trip Playlist: Norway 2015

|| Hat: Forever21 || Vest: Top Shop || Denim: Top Shop || Blouse: Urban Outfitters || Watch: Arvo || Boots: Nordstrom ||


1) My Life, My Love by Family and Friends 2) Thunder Clatter by Wild Club 3) Leaf Off / The Cave by Jose Gonzalez 4) Hooray for Earth by True Loves 5) Line of Fire by Junip 6) Gun-Shy by Grizzly Bear 7) Elephant by Tame Impala 8) Float by Pacific Air 9) Must Land Running by Stepdad 10) The Great Escape by Woodkid 11)  Far Away by Junip 11) Feels Like We Only Go Backwards by Tame Impala 12) If I Had a Boat by James Vincent McMorrow 13) Amo Amour A Tres by Stereo Total 14) Down in the Valley by The Head and the Heart 15) Out of my League by Fitz and the Tantrums 16) The Ghost on the Shore by Lord Huron 17) Keep Together by Hunter Hunted 18) Mr Quinche by Wildcat! Wildcat! 19) Balance by Future Islands 20) The Wolves and The Ravens by Rogue Valley 21) Electric Love by Borns

Gamle, Bergen

^^ Hi Mom and Dad! ^^
|| Instax Camera: Urban Outfitters || Glasses: || Jacket: REI ||

If you're ever in Bergen, you need to find this old secret part of town! It is the absolute CUTEST. Trip Advisor helped us find so many great restaurants and things to do. Also.. I just found out that the movie is called "Interstellar" not "Interstella" Hahah I laughed my brains out -- Oh life with a british husband. 




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