^^ Can't hold a straight face if our life depended on it ^^

Last week we attended a 'Top Secret' gothic themed dinner with a bunch of other locals -- it was so fun to hang out with the people I usually just hang out with online. :) I cannot WAIT to share what this secret is all about.

Photography by Jaci Smith

PS - Alison sure outdid herself with these party decorations, didn't she?

Mr. Fix It

^^ Lucy feeling a bit unsure hahah ^^

This summer has been such a treat. Last year I was traveling so much that I was hardly able to really enjoy summer at home! I guess it has made me really appreciate being with my little Lucy, and spending time with my family & frienns. Although Brad is still on the go a lot of the time, we manage to cram in as much as we can together :) Like tonight Lucy and I watched him play Mr. Fix it haha! It's crazy to me how the simplest things bring me so much happiness.
You can find Brad's watch here.

On The Driveway...

I so badly want to be as good as Brad --
But here I am, sitting on the board.

PS. I got my sunnies here.

Back in The Saddle

How am I supposed to get anything done with this cute little distraction!?

I feel like I am finally back in the saddle with my work life and it actually feels quite liberating! I got to the end of my hundreds of emails last night (thanks for your patience everyone!) And I'm feeling more motivated than ever. Is there such thing as a working stay-at-home Mom? Because I think that's what I am, and I'm so happy to be able to experience both worlds.

Hit me up if you want to collaborate -- I'm ready for ya!

Hello Little Lady

All Lucy wants to do is stand these days, and she gets so excited/proud of herself! 4 months is the best stage, but I'm convinced every stage so far has been the best. This has been the greatest adventure to watch her learn & grow. Now I'm just getting nervous for the day that she grows to be 'too cool' for me...

On The Lake

^^Lucy with Grammy!^^
  ^^PHOTO BOMB! (Brad's mission friend from Chile who came to stay with us)^^
^^The moment we realized water was getting in the boat! Soggy bummmms! Also, why was I letting Brad's pregnant sisters tow me around?? Hahah^^

We finally spent some time on the lake by our house before summer came to an end (although I'm still in denial that it's "over"). We died laughing over how hard paddling a boat was -- especially the row boat! I'm shocked we didn't sink that puppy. Watching Brad's Dad have a go at it was priceless! Most awkward. thing. ever. Hahah! My poor brother-in-law Tyson was the only one who really knew how to control it... I can guarantee that he went home feeling sore after rowing us all around! Afterwards we came back to our place and played bomberman with some hot chocolate -- hahah family bonding at its finest. I adore these in-laws of mine.


Lets talk about this baby wrap... I was SO NERVOUS when I found out that the airline had lost my stroller... I may have shed a couple tears haha! But now looking back on the trip, I swear Lucy did better in the wrap than in a stroller? Taking her usual naps while I talked/ate/filmed -- it was pretty much the bomb. Anyway, I had so much fun filming with my 8mm camera this trip -- I can't WAIT to get my film back. That's where you'll see the trip from my point of view, but it the mean time here's the awesome footage from Brad's camera (& lets be honest, his is better than mine anyhow). Get ready to see baby jet-lag at its finest!

Please take note of :06, Brad waving out of our hotel window! I wish I had proper photos of the inside, it was such a dream.


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