I lovvvvved getting to know so many of you on Saturday night -- the response was overwhelming and I need to say THANK YOU! The whole thing seriously felt like a dream. Hive aka '#thebuzziscoming' is so rad & I am so excited to invite all of you to be apart of the buzz

If you go to the site from a different device, my invite code is 'haileydevine'. 
Photography by Travis J Photography

Nothing Feels Cooler...

Nothing feels cooler than filming with actual FILM! Many of you know that I collect vintage cameras, and they sat on my shelves as decoration because I had no idea how to get my hands on some film...  I cannot thank Acme Camera Co. enough for helping me fulfill this dream! I totally cried when I got the film back, it is absolutely priceless. Everything you see is completely raw, except for the logo at the end. ;)

Haunting Traditions

Every year we have a tradition of making a halloween movie and I think this years takes the cake -- I completely wet my pants filming my brother Trevor as the Sea Creature in that Mrs. Doubtfire get up I made him wear hahahah MAKE SURE to watch the entire video on our Haugen Creative Blog, but in the mean time... Here's the trailer...


^^ Can't hold a straight face if our life depended on it ^^

Last week we attended a 'Top Secret' gothic themed dinner with a bunch of other locals -- it was so fun to hang out with the people I usually just hang out with online. :) I cannot WAIT to share what this secret is all about.

Photography by Jaci Smith

PS - Alison sure outdid herself with these party decorations, didn't she?

State Fair

I loved this low key evening of fair lights and my little family. Lucy fell asleep as Brad & I people watched and enjoyed a dirt bag onion blossom - ha! How did summer seem to slip from my fingers so fast? I always say this, but THIS has been my favorite summer yet.

Thanks for the pictures, Jaci!

The Haugen's Hit Hawaii

^^ My Mom raved about this place and it actually lived up to its expectation! ^^
^^ Trev showing off his mustache he'd been growing for two whole weeks HA! ^^
^^ Brad with his iPad -- errr.. iPhone 6+ ^^
 ^^ My oldest "little" sister Heather - We laugh how I always look like her husband when we take photos! Haha! ^^
 ^^ Bad idea much? ^^
^^ Lucy was in heaven with all the attention of being the only kid on the trip!^^
^^Brad and I took turns swimming/watching sleepin' Lucy while the rest of the crew went ziplining^^
Trev offered to take some birthday pics for me ;) 

One thing you probably already know is that my family takes WAY too many pictures. When we get together its like the paparazzi -- I'm not kidding! So you better believe that this was the most documented family vacation in the history of ever haha -- We haven't taken a trip together since I was twelve, so it really was so special to spend really close time with my parents and siblings. We laughed our heads off and all left the trip a little sunkissed -- even little Lucy had tan lines in her rolls! Ha! It was a trip for the books. :)

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