Secret is out -- We're creating an online Haugen Creative video workshop! We'll be sharing - Our process & secrets - finding the right clients for you - finding the best equipment for you - building a portfolio/demo reel - storyboarding - how to capture the candid - how to stay creative & relevant - directing & working with talent - in-camera settings - creative composition & stabilization - strategic pricing - how to get paid & travel - organizing your workflow - editing techniques - color correction - copyright music & finding the perfect song - marketing yourself & using social media to your advantage - 

The workshop will be available in the next 30-60 days!
Jacket // Piper & Scoot

Little Toy Car

This collaboration was straight dangerous because we fell in LOVE with this car. I guess it was also dangerous because I was learning how to drive manual while filming too, ha! A few choice words almost came out of my mouth while holding up traffic. I felt like a bad ace jelly bean in this car, haha it has a mini Ferrari engine so its pretty sporty sounding. Thanks Ken Garff for letting us borrow your little beauty!

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Bona-Fide: Genuine, Real

Everyday I scroll my Instagram, Twitter, & Bloglovin' feeds, and I find myself smacked in the face with these constant numbers. So-and-so has 597K followers, getting 27,000 likes per picture, and 800 comments. My first initial thoughts are, "Wow that's impressive, they must be pretty cool." - I'm sure that they are pretty cool, but I believe that the numbers are not what make a person "cool". At the end of the day, what do these numbers really matter?" The truth is that they don't matter at all, they are just numbers. Numbers don't define how insanely cool you are, & I think that realization is insanely cool. 
Let's join together, no matter how many 'numbers' we have, & try to be a little more Bona-Fide or 'insanely cool'. Compliment a stranger, mail a thoughtful note, & reach out to an old friend! THAT is what makes you insanely cool.
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Ever since I can remember, I've been absolutely petrified of water. I was always the girl sitting in the shallow end of the pool, WITH floaties on! Hahah! Over the years I've gotten a lot better... Like boating with friend etc, but I have always sworn that I would NEVER board a cruise ship. Well, I am very proud to say that I just conquered my first 7 day cruise! I'm feeling on top of the world, like Bob Wiley right now: "I'm sailing! I'm sailing!"

Swimsuit // Piper & Scoot
Watch // Arvo

Alt Summit: Tokyo Dream

This was my first time co-hosting a mini party at Alt Summit and it was exhausstinggg! I have a new appreciation for event planners now. It was fun to try something new, and gain a closer friendship with Ginger, Jane, and Ashley. I couldn't have been paired with cooler, more down to earth girls. Group texting costume ideas at 2am, to the whole piping of the room collapsing in the day before the party (yes, that really happened and I almost took a pole to the face), it was an insane adventure. The party really came together, and I think everyone enjoyed themselves! I laughed my head off when Trevor (my brother) took a turn in the panda costume, his dance moves were cracking everyone up - I really think he was born to be some sort of mascot. Hahah!

The theme of this party stemmed from my recent obsession with Tokyo, and the guys behind Hive were cool enough to trust us with our ideas! It turned out even better than I had imagined, I just wish that I would have had a voice! I'm not kidding when I say that I had run myself dry -- It was kinda awkward to host and not be able to talk much -- hahah! I can only hope that my dance moves made up for it. Thanks Hive for having us host an unforgettable party for your Kickstarter launch! 

Be Nice to Yourself(ie)

Watch // Arvowear
Tattoos // Picattoo

In the world that we live in today, we are our own worst critic ...Especially through social media. It's good to remember that we need to be nice to everybody including ourselves. Being a videographer, I see how many people react to themselves in a picture/video and it's crazy to me how 99% of people say "I'm so awkward!" or "My nose is so big!" or "My nail beds suck" ;) I WANT TO CHANGE THIS! Let's embrace who we are, on the inside AND the outside. This is why I started the campaign #benicetoyourselfie. I want to challenge you to "be nice to your self(ie)" by uploading a selfie to Instagram, caption how you are 'being nice to yourselfie', add the hashtag and LIKE IT. We can discover new friends and spread the power of kindness!

Not Everyone Needs to Like You

Watch // Arvo

I had some experiences a couple months back that made me feel kinda sad about myself. Comments on social media written like they would never actually be read, and hearing that someone you thought was seriously awesome, just flat out doesn't like you. I feel stupid to admit it, but the words "I don't know... I just don't like her." genuinely hurt and left me feeling confused. Some nights I laid in bed with a guilty feeling thinking: What did I do for this person to not like me? I've come to grips that no matter how nice you are to everyone, there is going to be someone who just doesn't like you. There are so many personalities in the world, and so its inevitable that some will just not jive. It's not realistic to be liked by everyone, so don't get worked up about it. Spread kindness to everyone but quit trying so hard to please them all. Take time to nurture those relationships that really matter, and stand confident with who you are. :)






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