A Hoppin' Date

Blouse // Piper & Scoot

For our anniversary we wanted to do something different... So we decided to go restaurant hopping downtown! We started at Tin Angel Cafe and ordered some tapas/appetizers. I was a little nervous for the waitress' reaction, when we asked for the bill... But she was TOTALLY cool with it, and interested in what other places we were going to hit! It felt kinda weird leaving and still feeling hungry for a main course. ;) After that, we shopped for a bit and then went to PF Changs! It was fun to just sit and chat while we waited for a table. After PF Changs, we went and got gelato at Setabello's. We shared a small because we were so STUFFED! We were walking back to our car, when we saw the bikes on the street that we've always wanted to rent. We rented them and to our surprise they had headlights! We cruised all around SLC (Brad was getting a little crazy popping wheelies etc) including Temple Square. It was so rad to end our anniversary reflecting on the temple.. I am thankful that families are forever!

You and Me

^^ This selfie failure was weirdly one of my favorites. ^^

Here we are, you and me. 
Still 'photo date'-ing like when we were eighteen.
You make me sweeter & I make you stronger.
When you are away, my heart always grows fonder.
My darling, how fast the years have flown by,
I'm still shocked that we are parents, and that is no lie.
You have taught me British phrases like, "Well I Never!"
& Three years later, you are still my absolute most favorite human... Ever.
Happy Anniversary, my love.

I stumbled upon one of our wedding videos that I never shared online! How awesome is that narration by my father-in-law? Ha! Or mini Brad with an accent. My goodness! (Heart eyes)

 Watch // Arvo 

Sunday: Struggles and New Goals

The most battling day of the week for me is... Sunday. At church I feel like I'm spending most of the time in the hallway, because of our curious (& quite noisy) little Lucy. She is all over the place! I'm thankful I found a modest dress that keeps me from flashing everyone, because I'm bending over chasing her around the whole time! Ha! But really, it's been pretty crazy. I don't have the energy for this! I feel like every week I ask myself "...Why am I even here!? Shouldn't this be my day of rest!?" While, yes.. We are spending most of the time playing with the hangers in the hallway.. (Best distraction ever PS.) But I keep reminding myself how important that it is that we are there. Even though Lucy is super young, I love teaching her that this is what we do! We go to church on Sunday, and it is as simple as that. I hope that one day, as she gains her own testimony and will understand the importance too. :)

On a different note, Brad and I realized that we are sometimes out of town 3 out of the 4 Sundays in the month. We usually play the "...But we're on vacation!" card, and skip church when we are away. I started feeling our light & happiness fading when we weren't attending church every week! SO we made a new goal. Wherever we are in the world, we are finding an LDS church to attend. No exceptions! Because it is a priority. I have already felt so much more light and happiness in my life after setting this goal!

Curious about what church we attend? Learn more here.

How to Get the Most out of Disneyland

Since Brand and I have been traveling to CA so much for work this year, we decided to get an annual passes to Disneyland. Being pretty well traveled, I can honestly say that Disneyland is my very favorite spot to vacation - and I'm glad to have married someone who feels the same way! Ha! We have turned into quite the Disneyland junkies -- So I thought I'd share some tips that have made our Disneyland vacation smooth and enjoyable.

1) I've seen the 'happiest place on earth' become the most 'stressful chaotic place on earth' when you're trying to jam everything in, in one day. You definitely need at least 2 days to fit in both parks. And yes, you need to go to both parks. 2) Purchase your tickets online before your trip, no one wants to stand in that ticket line, while you can be in the park! 3) Download the 'DL Waits' App to your phone. You can see the wait time for each ride in real time. 4) Eat early lunch and early dinner, or eat late lunch and late dinner to avoid the "food rush". 5) If you're planning to watch a parade, grab your lunch to go and eat it on the curb as you save your spot. 6) Get familiar with Disney's "Fastpass" system HERE. 7) Disneyland and CA Adventure are on different Fastpass systems. So is Radiator Springs Racers and California Screamin' in CA Adventure, so utilize that by immediately Fastpassing another ride. 7) There is a Baby Care Center on Main Street, where you can comfortably breastfeed, heat up baby food in a microwave, and change a diaper. Heck, there is even miniature potties in there! 8) Do all of your shopping at the end of your visit. The shops stay open an hour after closing! That way, you don't have to carry around bags all day. 9) Write your cell phone number on your childs wrist, just in case they get lost. I learned this one from my awesome sister! 10) If you're vacationing with a baby or small child, get familiar with the Rider Swap system. It's pretty much the bomb.

Rider Swap Secret:

If you use a "Rider Swap" pass when using a Fastpass, you don't need a Fastpass for your whole party! So go and fastpass more rides at the same time. For example: If you have a party of 4 adults and 1 baby, get 2 Fastpasses to Splash Mountain, then immediately go Fastpass Indiana Jones with the other two tickets. Everyone gets to enjoy both rides, with the connivence of the Rider Swap!

Stroller/Backpack, Sunscreen, Jacket/Blanket, Camera, Supportive Shoes, Snacks & Mickey Ears! I also keep all my valuables in a small bag that I can take on the rides with me. That way, when I park the stroller I can be stress free about things getting stolen.

Enter Disneyland first, and ride Peter Pan's Flight (This ride does not have Fastpass and the line gets outrageous). Then pop over to CA adventure to Fastpass Radiator Springs Racers, and Wonderful World of Color near Grizzly River Run. You must have a fastpass to view the Wonderful World of Color night show, and trust me.. You don't want to miss it. I tear up every. single. time.

These are rides that always have the longest wait. Don't stand in line for these rides or it will eat up your day. If you miss the chance to get a Fastpass for these rides, consider waiting in the 'Single Rider' line. Except, never wait in the single rider line for Splash Mountain, I waited an hour in that line once! Disneyland: Indiana Jones, Splash Mountain, Thunder Mountain Railroad & Space Mountain. CA Adventure: Radiator springs (Make sure this is the first thing you Fastpass, because they run out quick!), Tower of Terror, & California Screamin'.

Must ride: Jungle Cruise, Winnie the Pooh, Enchanted Tikki Room, Peter Pan Flight, Alice in Wonderland, Pirates of the Caribbean, Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters, & It's a Small World (Be prepared to go insane, but little kids LOVE it.). There is also a great petting zoo behind Thunder Mountain Railroad.
Mustn't ride: Mr. Toads Wild Ride. Pinocchio, Snow White, Finding Nemo, Autopia, Tom Sawyers Island, Roger Rabbit,
& The Haunted Mansion (Depending on your child's scare level.. Our daughter loves The Haunted Mansion. Ha!)
Must Ride: Monsters Inc, The Little Mermaid, Toy Story Midway Mania, Maters Junkyard Jamboree, & Bugs Life Land Rides.
Mustn't Ride: Goofy's Sky School, Mickey's Fun Wheel, Silly Symphony Swings, & Bug's Life Theater (Once again, it is depending our your child's scare level. If they don't get scared easily, it is pretty awesome.)

Must Ride: Indiana Jones, Space Mountain, Thunder Mountain Rail Road, Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, Enchanted Tikki Room, Jungle Cruise, Peter Pan Flight, Winnie the Pooh, Haunted Mansion, & Pirates of the Caribbean.
Mustn't Ride: It's a Small World, Finding Nemo, Tom Sawyers Island, Disneyland Railroad, Mr. Toads Wild Ride, Star Tours, Autopia, Roger Rabbit & Matterhorn Bobsleds (Unless you prefer to feel beat up, ha!)
Must Ride: Radior Springs Racers, Soarin' Over California, Tower of Terror, California Screamin', Grizzly Rapids, Toy Story Midway Mania, Monsters Inc, The Little Mermaid & Bug's Life Theater.
Mustn't Ride: Goofy's Sky School, Bug's Life Rides, Mickey's Fun Wheel & Silly Symphony Swings.

The red corn dog food truck on Mainstreet (I'm not even into corn dogs, and I'm obsessed with these), Cheese Burgers at the Hungry Bear, Churros, Quarter Chicken at French Market (There is an awesome quartet that sings here at night!), Dole Whip (Get in the line INSIDE the gate of the Tikki Room. It goes 10x quicker than the line outside.).
Broccoli Cheese Soup in a Bread Bowl at Pacific Wharf Cafe, Ghirardelli shakes and hot chocolate (You get free chocolate samples there, too!) Breakfast sandwiches at Starbucks, Chimichangas from the food carts (Yummy meal to easily eat on the go). You also can't go wrong eating anything at The Cozy Cone in Carsland... The Pear of Dice soda and Red's Apple Freeze are a "must drink"!

The morning is best for Tomorrowland, and evening is best for Fantasyland (and really any of the 'little kid' attractions). Everywhere else is pretty busy all day long, so use your 'DL Waits' App to keep an eye on the best wait times between your Fastpasses. At 2pm-4pm rest, and get off of your feet! You wont miss much, because this is the busiest time of day in the parks. Take a seat in the air conditioned sorcerer's workshop (CA adventure), Get a Dole Whip and watch the Tikki Room (Disneyland), or get a sundae at the Golden Horseshoe corral (Disneyland). If you're staying close, take your little ones to go get a nap - they'll need it to get through the evening with a smile.

Do you have any Disneyland tips I'm missing here? Leave a comment!

Our bucket list is to visit all of the Disney parks... We only have Paris and Hong Kong left! Check out our adventures at Tokyo Disney HERE. And my very first time I went ALONE to Tokyo Disney, HERE. Ha!

Filming in NYC

Aztec Camper Top // Piper & Scoot

We had such an awesome weekend filming and vacationing in NYC. Brad took me to NYC for the first time when I was a teenager -- it was so sweet to walk those same streets together six years later!






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