Exciting News

Guys. You remember my cousin Lisa from Norway, right? Well, she is getting married to the cutest guy this January and I could not be more thrilled for her.
But, do you want to know what the best part is?
She invited me to come out and film their big day!


I am so excited to capture their love and to be able to visit my family again.

It is going to be an absolute dream.

 Thank you Lisa. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Norway summer vacation 2011


  1. First of all this is just great! (Its devine) anyways, How do you film when you are so far from the camera? Do you just set it on the ground?

  2. yay congrats Lisa; this video is amazing it looked like you had the best time!

  3. Thanks Miranda!
    Yes we either sat it on the ground (and carefully kept our eyes on it...) Or Lisa's fiance Rune held it for us ;)

  4. first things first, this video is lovley! {along with all of your other videos!} i stumbled upon brad's missionary homecoming video a while back & literally got goosebumps. i've been a fan ever since. :) i'm new to videography & am wondering if you have any tips! do you use photoshop to compile all of the video's into one? any tips/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


  5. Cassidy's little sister just got her mission call to Norway!!!

  6. That will be so much fun. Do they need a Photog?

  7. Well now Norway is offically on my bucket list.. seriously beautiful place. i cant get enough of that video :) pretty pretty!!!

  8. Hailey, this video is AMAZING!! it makes me want to go to Norway so bad! I love all your videos. Like Haley H said^^^^ I am also new to videography and I'm wondering what you use to compile your videos into one too! I have a canon rebel t3 and I want to edit videos like this but I don't know where to start or what programs to use! Any advice?? Thanks!

    -Tiara. http://illbelovingu.blogspot.com/
    ps.I know you have a page that you answer these kind of questions. I've looked at it before but I can't find it now!






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