Fawn Design

^^Constant bubbles with this girl^^

Lately we have been enjoying bike riding around the lake with our little Lucy! She sleeps the whole time, and its a way that I can get out and get some exercise. :) The bag I'm sporting is from Fawn Design and I'm a little obsessed with it! It has so many convenient pockets and you can use it as a purse, or a backpack. I'd probably use it even if I didn't have a baby. Lucy loves it because I can throw all her things on my back and have all hands on her! I'm still thinking Mom's should sprout an extra arm for every kid they have. ;) 


  1. So cute! wish they had options for regular bags though.

  2. What do you use to carry her in on your rides

  3. seriously there are never enough arms! but the bag, and most importantly lucy, are cute!

  4. I'm definitely down with the extra arm for every kid you have.

  5. Love the bag and that little lady! How do you bike ride with her? Also, I love how strong the colors in your photos are? Mind sharing your editing secrets? :)






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