What's up!? I'm Hailey Devine, a twenty-four year old wife, mother, videographer & traveler. I started this blog to share my video creations, travels, and small bits of life that I find are noteworthy. My ultimate goal with Something Devine is to spread happiness through the small simplicities in life. My British husband Brad encourages me to chase my dreams, while my little Lucy keeps me grounded.
Together they are my perfect balance, my inspiration, and my everything.


Five years ago my brother Trevor and I took the leap to chase our dreams. We started our own production company Haugen Creative, and Brad hopped on board shortly after we were married. It has been such a scary fun adventure to chase our dreams, and I don't regret one moment of it. Haugen Creative has provided us with the ability to both travel, and work from home... And I am genuinely grateful for that.



I had this friend Brad, who would listen to my ridiculous breakups, and would talk my ear off on the phone every. single. time. Well, one night he surprised me with a kiss and hooked me like a fish on a line! I became completely crazy about him. We had many similar interests (making movies) and we were practically hooked at the hip for a whole summer. It was tough to say goodbye when he left on his LDS mission for two years... But when he returned we weirdly clicked right back into place. We got engaged in a rickety sailboat in the middle of winter, and life sure has been an adventure with him ever since. Who knew back then, where life would take us!?

Here are videos of our story.

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